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Abbie Love Kuala Selangor

Abbie joined us 23th June, 2019 as a work-away member at Route Five. She is excite to join our Batu Arang event too! Let's see what Abbie said about this experience.

What's Abbie Experience at Route Five Kuala Selangor

I am extremely happy to participate in the cultural event at Batu Arang (美丽生活节 -煤炭山)on the 22nd and 23rd of June. Understand from Audrey that this organizer hand picks few villages each year to showcase Malaysia’s unique heritage and to identify and strengthen the culture within the town.

Batu Arang, once a large developed town known for its coal manufacturing and red brick foundations, has now become a very quiet and small residential village. Many folks continuously mentioned how quiet it has been for many years now. It usually becomes popular on weekends, but only when extended family comes to visit their relatives.

What local people said during my visit:

'I didn’t even recognize my old classmates - It had been years and back then we didn’t have social media, like Facebook, to connect.. so this was a great way to see each other again! ' - A lovely lady who keep asked for taking photo together

"My mother used to work in one of the factories in town that is no longer existent and she is now retired. I got a job in KL and would love for her to move in with me but this is all she knows, this is her home and always will be"

"It was so great to see everyone come together from this town and many other surrounding neighborhoods. It brings people together to create a larger community and ensures people remember these special places that can be so easily forgotten"

'I have lived here all my life and I didn't even know this location existed! We were never allowed up here as it has always been private property. We are so glad that the organizer of this event was able to get permission for us to use this space and see the town from this fantastic view'

'We have been following this festival for five years now! They always do a great job of organizing different activities and showcasing the traditional and specialty craftsmanship of the town. Its funny the amount of people we bump into from the past festival years.'

This event also creates a lot of platforms for people to promote and share information/ ideas about their personal brands. It also highlights the importance of entrepreneurship and trying something different in this day and age when doing so is very out of the norm.

Route Five is currently collaborating with these local artisans and is excited to soon make these goodies available for purchase so you can take them home for your love ones!

Stay Tuned!

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