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Route Five Cafe

At Route Five, food and drinks are spread out at a 5 mins distance river view building at our 100 years village with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


From brunch to dinner. Route Five Cafe open on Thursday to Monday and the rest of the week you can rent it for your event.

Are you looking for event space? Call us at +6019 3344875 or send us an email at 


Waze: Route Five Cafe
              77 Jalan Bagan Sg. Yu
              Pasir Penampang Kuala Selangor

              45000 Selangor

344339730_6123834204330713_5836786722875846219_n (1).jpg

Our philosophy

For us, sustainability is a natural ingredient for a modern restaurant, and we shape our menus according to what the season has to offer. Local produce and natural. The menu is in constant change just like the crops available, but in general,it’s kept short focusing on the greens. We think this is non-negotiable for our future on this planet. We love to explore our roots, but that doesn’t stop us from being inspired by amazing food cultures around the world.

Fishing Village

Have you seen our space in the backyard? Visit us when you enjoy your stay at Route Five Hostel.

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