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We Are Green Hostel 

Route Five is committed to environmental sustainability.  We recognize that tourism leaves behind a carbon footprint - the goal is to reduce this footprint as much as possible. Through environmentally-friendly initiatives, sustainable practices, and community involvement, we offering conscious backpackers sustainable and affordable accommodations in Malaysia - Kuala Selangor.


Local Carpenter

Hand-crafted cabinets and shelves, made locally by a carpenter, hang from the walls of each room. Guests can expect a friendly, local vibe, and maybe even a homemade tea with city tips from the staff. 


Energy Saving

Guest are always reminded to turn off lights and air conditioning when not in use to save energy consumption.


Green Policy

We keep all the used bottle, boxes, and anything can be recycled to the Green Hub. Make the slogan Reduce, Reuse, Recycle part of your daily routine. For example, to avoid plastic (and paper) bags take a recycle bag with you when you do your grocery shopping instead of taking home plastic bags.


Up-Cycling Projects

the ecolodge was fully restored using eco-materials including used pinewood, used wood, and steels. Guests can expect to rest well on high-end natural latex mattresses, and handmade soaps and towels are provided with fees.



Our hostel does electronic check-in to reduce the usage of papers.


Eco Friendly

The first environmentally-friendly  and literary themed backpacker hostel in Kuala Selangor, Route Five boasts an unbeatable location and is within walking distance to Kuala Selangor’s most beloved attractions


Eat Regional

The pollution caused by transporting goods can be reduced that way. Opt for natural and fair-trade products. It’s not only better for your health but also for that of farmers since dangerous pesticides are avoided, so again it lowers the impact on the environment and fair-trade contributes to social justice.

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