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Workaway 打工换宿


About Workaway
At Route Five Hostel


Welcome to Route Five Hostel - Join Us and Discover!


🎣 Experience, Learn, and Join the Fun in a 100-Year-Old Fishing Village! 🏡


About Us

Route Five Hostel is in a cool, old fishing village. We're looking for awesome folks to join our team and experience life in this historic place.

Workaway Experience

At Route Five Hostel, we're all about sharing cultures and making friends. As a workawayer, you'll be part of our crew, helping out with hostel stuff and meeting cool people from around the globe.

Your Gig

  • Helping Out: Welcome guests, chat with them, and make our hostel feel like home.

  • Learning Local Stuff: Get to know our village traditions and maybe teach us something new too!

  • Social Media Sidekick: Snap pics, share stories online, and let the world know about our fantastic hostel life.

  • Cafe Helping Out : Join the crew to serve the customer at cafe 


  • Crash at Our Place: Bunk up in our comfy dorms or shared rooms.

  • Good Eats: Enjoy tasty local food whipped up by our kitchen pros.

  • Explore Around: When you're off duty, go check out the village and all its cool spots.

How to Join

Ready for a wild ride at Route Five Hostel? 
Are you 20 or older with a driving license? Fantastic! At Route Five Hostel, we're seeking friendly, helpful individuals with a serious yet friendly vibe to join our crew. If you can hang with us for 2-3 weeks, you're our top priority!


Send us your info - resume, a quick intro, and when you want to roll with us - at Excited to have you on board!

Stay Connected

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Let’s Work Together

205 Jalan Pasir Penambang

Tel: 0199843413

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