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 The Route 5

Welcome to Route Five, the only bookstore-themed hostel at Kuala Selangor located at Pasir Penampang (just an hour away from Kuala Lumpur).

The only hostel offering a cozy tea room, tons of books, and a co-working space - and all of it situated at a small and climatic 100 years-old fishing village.

Surely, at some point you will come by, to admire the world-famous Kelip Kelip (Firefly) or to experience the unique Sasaran (Sky Mirror). And when you do – make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to stop by and relax for a night or two.


Take a well-deserved break from your busy city-life… embrace the local culture, enjoy the peaceful ambience and make sure to try all the mouth-watering food including the delicious breakfast dishes, that only few had the chance to try thus far!

And there is even more!

Route Five is not only a hostel, it’s also an exceptional meeting place, that you can use as a meeting point, a workplace, an office or just a nice place to hang out with your friends and locals.

瓜雪 - 巴西不南邦 ,雪兰莪百年渔乡之一

















在这里,我们准备了10间休息空间。其中5 间是双人空间。


来这里的的旅人愈来愈多, 我希望成了他们的领路人,并用相机记录他们的感动瞬间。




【五号公路】不到一分钟的路程,即是瓜雪萤火虫,老鹰观赏与天空之境的码头。周边4KM 范围内,还有马来西亚 —————— 观鸟,农民种植的水果蔬菜,和一片云海,稻田麦田。







A small space allows you to enjoy a person's time, opening the door and is a shared kitchen, and space. You can choose to become the chef of the day, show off your creative signature dishes and share with a group of new friends. You can also order a cup of local herbal tea and quietly handle the business. The outdoor garden also allows you to have a drink with friends who share your passion.





Share A Room


Route Five Hostel at Kuala Selangor has 12 single beds and 7 double beds. Our room has a special design and much of our furniture has been built using recycled materials - all specially designed by our designer and carpenter.

We offer a very unique bookworm experience - you can read as many books you like and fall asleep by hugging your favorite title. You also can create your own  book by sharing your experience and keep it in there ( T & C Apply) 

Have A Drink


At Route Five, the tearoom, hangout place, and dinning area are just equally spread out over the same floor.  From a morning warm tea, the last drink of the night.


What to drink & eat ? Check out the daily menu from our friendly team. Yeah! we don't have fixed menu :) 

【Info】Bukit Melawati or Melawati Hill is

Look Around 


Besides this lovely design of the accommodation, there are more things we would like to introduce you to.

We have teamed up with the local tour to provide a unique local travel experience.


Bukit Melawati ( Melawati Hills) is an important part of the state's history. 

Sky Mirror ( Sasaran) 
Eagle Feeding 
Blue Tear
Customize local tour ( 8 pax onward) 


Locate Route Five Hostel & Cafe
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